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I highly recommend homemade soap for anyone who has trouble with dry, scaly, skin. My dd suffered, and I do mean suffered, for years with painfully dry skin on the backs of her hands. Sometimes it would crack and bleed. :( We tried every lotion, over the counter, as well as doctor prescribed ones.

It cleared up after my family's switch to homemade soap, but we hadn't realized that's what did it until my dd went to spend two weeks with an aunt, who only had regular commercially prepared soap on hand. Dd returned home with her hands cracked and dry again. After a few days home, they were once again healed. The only time it ever flares up now is if she travels and forgets to take her homeade soap. I now send it to her where she's living in Germany. :D

I believe God heals, both supernaturally, as well as through the wisdom He gives us!
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