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2 questions re: circular knitting on dpns
Not really a how-to, maybe, but a practicality question. Is it going to muck anything up if i don't keep my cast stitches arranged as they were originally arranged? I started with 32 stitches, 10 on needle A, 10 on needle B, 12 on needle C. I noticed that the stitches where A meets B and so forth are getting loose. Is there any reason not to shift two stitches from A to B, two from B to C and two from C to A? I've got my first stitch marked, so i can keep track of how many rows i've done. Am i going to mess myself up?

Along the same train of thought, why is it necessary to use the fourth needle and rotate needles? Can't you just knit from one needle onto the next, using only the three that you originally cast your stitches onto?
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