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OT - Jam with frozen strawberries?
This is really really OT, but I figured it would be a good place to ask! My boyfriend and I went strawberry picking last weekend and got... 12 litres of fruits. For only the two of us, that's a lot (I think this would be 24 US pints? But I'm not sure, these units are extremely confusing for me). We have to cook them rather quickly because some of the fruits are starting to rot. Since we have a terrible week at work and don't have time to cook much, we do not have any other choice than to freeze them.

I really really want to make jam, but never made some using frozen strawberries before. Have you ever tried? What would be the result (texture, colour, taste, etc)? Should we put sugar on the strawberries before we freeze them or not? Any tips we should know?

I hope it's not a stupid question, I am not a very good cook unfortunately It's a good thing my boyfriend loves to cook, he just made this wonderful apple/strawberry pie! yummy!
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