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OT- A little venting about a kitty.
Okay, so on Monday, we were all getting ready to sit down and eat supper and then go to the fireworks later that night. Everything was going fine, until..

Our one cat named Ashes walks in and lays down on the floor. My brother looked over and noticed blood coming out of her nose and mouth. She was meowing, and all that. My dad put a towel in the bottom of our pet carrier and took a look at her. It actually looked like she got hit by a car.

My mother called the local vet(this was about 7PM), and asked if he would come in to take a look at her. He came in, looked at her and said that she needed to have surgery done because her jaw was broken in half and most of her teeth on the left side were missing. We then left and watched the fireworks, and slept okay that night knowing that she was in good hands.

Tuesday the vet called and said that the surgery went okay and that she was doing fine. Then he said, "She wasn't hit by a car, she was shot."

That just went right through me when my mom told me. I was so(and still am) angered that she was SHOT! Even though we don't know who did it, it's just that this poor kitty has to be put through a lot because of it. I already discussed it with my parents that I will be taking care of her most of the time. She's going to be so spoiled

I'm just glad that she is going to be okay, and not dead along the road somewhere.
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