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Re: Me too, kind of
Originally Posted by Darcy
Ooooooooo I was just going to post a tension question.

I have reviewed all the ways to hold the yarn on the site. I just CAN NOT
wrap it or have it 'propped' on the index finger. It always slips off.

I have my working yarn in my left hand and it is wrapped around my middle

My stitches are never even and I was hoping to make things I could sell.

My question is, is tension a common problem for new knitters? Or does
it just plaque some ppl. Will it eventually work itself out by practice or
should I start forcing myself to use another 'holding' method?

:D I had that problem, when i held my yarn in the left hand then i tried knitting english style (i think, i hold my yarn in my right hand) and the tension is almost even exept with those knitted-too-tight stitches. So if anyone please hve any other advice...
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