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OT- Screen names...
I am sitting here constantly amused by some of the screen names we see on here (seriously...FriedChickenOnMyKnitten, which i read wrong initially! :rofling: ) and wonder where people got their names or if they have others that are unusual where they got them.

Brendajos is pretty obvious I suppose. My name is Brenda. Jo is my middle name. and my last name starts with S. and i have NEVER had to fight to get that If i go to a site that says that someone is already using that name, i can usually come up with the password for it if i think hard enough!

I also use Blue_Knitter on my blog i pretend to keep up to date. Essentially it is all about politics and knitting...and these days more

and the rarely used MyHornzRpokinMyHalo is all about my bratty side getting in the way of my good side. And the reason my halo is constantly needing polished (as Dustina can attest to! :rofling: )
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