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Originally Posted by iza
Who would do such a thing??? Neighbours?
I don't know who could have done this, but I can understand why they might have.

Ashes is a Manx, and she doesn't have a tail. The reason why I came up with the name ashes, was because whenever she layed on the ground, she looked like a pile of ashes because of her color(she's grey, brown, black, tan, and white). Someone could have easily mistaken her as a rabbit too.

My mom even thought about maybe someone was target practicing and she acidentally went into the range(I doubt that).

I want to call the police station to tell them to be on the lookout for someone shooting cats.

Ohh, I was also wondering if anyone has a pattern for a harness. At the end of this month we are planning on going camping and we are taking her with us. I'm thinking a harness would be better than a collar in her situation.
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