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When I first got online, I wanted to change my name to Kay. And I've always loved cats, so I would use one these kay_kitty or kay_kat(this is on my high school ring).

For a brief period of time I was using Total_Dementia. I don't know why. I was just in that kind of phase/mood and I liked it.

While I was playing The Sims Online, I started using Frisky_Kittie. Still had to have the 'cat' aspect in my name, but I was wanting to break out of my depression shell and figured using a more lively username would help.

So I've been using that for a long while now.

But, it was taken when my b/f and I were looking for a domain name for my site. After thinking about it for a day or so I came up with ekittie. Which I love too. So, now, it's either ekittie or frisky_kittie.

Except for my emails which I've had for so long I don't want to have to change them.
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