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You should see my soap stash . I've had a soap-making business for the past 4 years; just went out of business in May. I had about 30 dozen bars left after my customers had a last fling buying up inventory at 10% off, my DDs and SIL now have soap stashes of their own. I'm down to a couple dozen here in my own house. And wouldn't you know it, after six months of barely making any soap, I'm getting the itch . I have a hankerin' for some spearmint eucalyptus. Next month I'll make my annual special batch of gold, frankencense & myrrh for family Christmas gifts (I like to let it cure for 3-4 months when I make it for family.)

Properly made handcrafted soap is great for the entire body, face included. If you're concerned about sensitive skin, stick with unscented or choose an EO soap with the properties you're most interested in. Fragrances are wonderful and were some of my best sellers, but they ARE synthetic and are one of the first likely culprits when someone has a reaction to the soap. And keep an eye on the oils in the soap if you tend towards skin allergies, shea butter can set off a reaction in someone who's sensitive to latex, and some people don't tolerate coconut oil well. Obviously peanut oil isn't good for those allergic to peanuts. There are lots of good soapmakers around, and they make great gifts. I particularly like face cloths knitted with hemp yarn, they're mildly exfoliating and last forever.
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