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Venting about knitting - I'm a bit depressed at the moment
Hello Everyone,

The worst thing about learning to knit is all the knitting and not being able
to make anything that isn't totally ebarrassing.

My knitting is very uneven.

Anyway, I bought the following knit kit because it looked like I would like
the pattern and it was on sale so I figured it was a deal. It is for
intermediate knitters which I know I'm not, but I figured it would still be
good practice.

First, the knitting needles are 11.5" long but when I cast on the 104 stitches
they are not long enough. I have 1 set of the needles that are connected,
I don't know what they are called. They are wood and are very hard
to use, they do not slip into the stitches easily and I'm just fed up.

The above kit came with what I think is called sport weight yarn. No
room for mistakes.

You should see the 3rd row I knitted for my swatch. There are loose
loops everywhere. Where did those darn stitches come from?! Did
a troll come in a knit that row while I took a rest room break?

I'm off to knit on the knifty knitter just so that I have something to show
for my effort.

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