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When I first started my LYS told me size 8 bamboo and wool yarn to start with... but I kept frogging every thing cause I wanted it to look ok.. finally someone *ahemm brendajosos** why don't you stop taking it out and just continue so you will have a scarf or something? so I did lol my first project was the never ending afghan for my daughter and a dishcloth.. hang in there and it will come... I know its easier said than done.. when I first started I was about to pitch the needles/yarn out the door.. just keep at it and don't rip it out just keep going.. soon you will see a difference in the beginning of your project to the end.. later on down the road you can pull that first project out and stare in amazement at how far you have come...

belive me my daughter's afghan is not a square like its suppose to be lol and has alot of yarn overs... and my dishrag well one corner goes way way way up... :rofling:

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