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Originally Posted by janelanespaintbrush
Ditto about cotton. Wool is much, much, much easier to knit because it is springy, and thus a lot more forgiving.
Yes, I knew that too but since the yarn came with the kit I didn't think
about what I was doing.

I have several projects on needles. I think I may attack the poncho
again but with wool yarn.

How does one make hats? Doesn't one need to know the 3 needle
knitting technique? Knitting in the round I think it's called?

Currently, I am making a knifty knitter cowl (maybe knifty knitter
doesn't count LOL)

A teddy bear on 'real' needles and a rabit on real needles.

When I get stressed about my knitting or just a bit bored I switch to
the knifty knitter and then when I get bored with that, I switch back.

I found an awsome knifty knitter house socks pattern but it is very
time consuming because of the stitches - kind of hard to explain unless
you are familiar with the KK. I would love to make these same kind
of foot warmers with regular needles, I know they would be faster and
easier this way. Just about the only thing that would be on real needles.

Just rambling my thoughts as usual.
Thanks for listening.
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