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I prefer aluminum (metal) needles 99% of the time so that my knitting is speedy.

I do prefer bamboo dpns for socks because the yarn doesn't slide, and the needles don't slip out of my work inadvertently. Plus, bamboo has some give, which is nice when working with an object that small. I also use a bamboo dpn as a cable needle.

It is all a matter of preference, though. And, if you really like working with bamboo, getting some really fine sandpaper and giving the needles a once-over might help smooth out any rough spots the manufacturers have missed. (I've had to do that with dpns a few times.) Then, use some wax paper and give them a once-over with that to help make them a little more slick.

You're not a bad knitter! Working out the type of needles you prefer just takes time and patience.
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