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Gibbie shawl - main part
Hi, after many fits and starts, I finally finished all the scallops of my Gibbie shawl border and now heaven forfend about to race to the centre. :XX:

Daughter has had some problems with her pregnancy and the baby is to come a little earlier than planned.

I have a little over a fortnight plus work and whatever else life throws at me for instance, a wall jumped out and hit the car last night (and that's my story and I'm sticking to it)

With the work on the circular pins, I'd kinda assumed I just worked around and around to the centre but the patterns give a pattern row for every odd row and a purl one for every even row.

Does this mean I turn the knitting around and knit the other way a bit like stocking stitch? And if so, how do I keep the thing together. I don't see the sewing of a long seam mentioned on the pattern.

You were such a help with my earlier question that I throw myself at your feet and beg an audience again.

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