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Thanks for wondering out loud. You got me off my butt to finally take a pic.

I have to tell the story first. First, I really wanted to knit a throw for my old chemo doctor's office. They treat patients there and one gets easily chilled and they have blankets, but they're not that comfy. Second, I like the way Lion Brand Homespun looks and feels - for what it is it's pretty soft. Someone here was selling some blue not my first choice in color, but hey the price was right. So I got the purple and gray and dk. gray to with the blue - and I got a really good sale deal at Joanns.

Now I understand why so many hate the Homespun. I finally got used to knitting with it and I REALLY love this pattern. It was fun making up stripes as I went along. First I was using a random stripe generator for kicks, but then I sort of started a theme, which you may be able to tell by the way they're laid out. It was easy to do, I really liked the fact that you make squares and then assemble. The I-cord edging was supposed to take care of the edge curling, but even though I did it loosely, it still curls. The lattice effect was a nice surprise when it was done.

I used about 8 skeins. I thought it would take more so I have 8 skeins left over. I don't think I want to make the same thing, so I'm looking for another pattern.

click to enlarge
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