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My screen name is my actual real name which is "christy" but my mother apparently couldn't spell or else ever one else's mother who was born between 1975 and 1980 could...I haven't figured out which one yet....My mom says she just spelled it like it sounds! As a child I hated it b/c EVERYONE spells is wrong but as an adult, I don't mind it so much....I was just never able to have all of those novelty things as a child w/ my name preprinted on it....

For ebay, I just juliaannsmom b/c my daughter is Julia Ann after my Great Grandmother and my that I'm pregnant--I sort of feel bad like I should change my name b/c I'll be someone else's mommy too--but then what about my rating...

I don't use any other boards really except for penciljack occassionally and I only use it when my dh is involved in a draw off of some sort and then I log on to vote in his little competition!

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