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Oh Dear! Chenille
We just had a 30% off sale at one of our LYS, (even *WITH* that, I spent over $70!!!), and several of the items I got are chenille (Plymouth Sinsation 80% Rayon, 20% Wool) to mix with Berroco Sizzle 100% Polyester to make scarves for holiday presents.

Just this morning, I started looking at "chenille" on this forum & others. Seems not too many people are in love with the stuff...but it just FEELS soooo wonderful...I *HAD* to knit something with it...

Have I made a terrible mistake? Does everyone have this "worming" problem? and holes? and yarn ripping/snapping? and shedding???

Any hints, tips, pattern/stitch suggestions you may have for working with this stuff would be very much appreciated. I'd like to do a good job on these presents as these yarns were NOT cheap!

Thanks in advance,

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