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another question re: Munich Shawl
Now, I have completed the center and border and it does look pretty even if I say so myself. Buttttt now, I have started on the Lace portion of the shawl, and I'm confused again. I have casted on the 476 stitches and then it says to follow pattern A of the center instructions but to leave off the last knit 2 of each row. That's works fine until you get to the last pattern (the last repeat #28 of the pattern A and it ends with an Over on Row 1, 3, 5 and 7th rows. How can you end an row with an Yarn over? I'm thinking about adding one extra cast on stitch and knitting one extra after the last over on the last pattern on these rows. I may have to wait a couple of days if I have to start this 476 cast on again, errrrrrrrrrr. Any suggestions or is there some method to add an Over (YO, I assume) at the very end of an row? Sorry to keep asking questions. I think I will work on some nice small scarfs after I get this done. Thanks, and thanks and thanks!!!!!!
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