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Sweater pattern help~child's sweater~
Hi All,

I found this child's pattern last night under the free patterns here and it took me to this site: I looked over the pattern and it looked so easy, and I still think it is but I'm having a hard time understanding part of it. This is my first sweater and I'm really excited. Here is the pattern and I'm doing the size 6.

Starting at sleeve edge, cast on 38 sts. Work in garter st for 7 1/2 inches. At the beginning of the next 2 rows cast on 33sts., work in garter st for 10 more rows. Next row, knit 5, purl 28, knit 38, purl 28, knit 5. Next row, knit all across row. Repeat the last 2 rows, twice more. Now, knit every row for 6 rows. "Next row (divide for neck opening), knit 50 st, join new ball of yarn, bind off next 4sts, work remaining 50. Working both sides at once, each on a seperate ball of yarn, keeping 5 sts. at bottom of edges in garter st, center sts in stockinette st, and neck edges in garter st, work for 6 3/4 inches MORE, ending on a wrong side row."

Hopefully the part I'm having problems with is in Italics if not I put it in " ". Could someone please explain this to me? It feels like it's right there in my head but I can't reach it...grrr...

Thank you so much!! You all are so wonderful and I can't believe how many hours I can read through all your posts here, I think I spent 3 hours yesterday! lol

April in SC
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