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Originally Posted by ElfynFyre
Here is the part of the pattern again: "Next row (divide for neck opening), knit 50 st, join new ball of yarn, bind off next 4sts, work remaining 50. Working both sides at once, each on a seperate ball of yarn, keeping 5 sts. at bottom of edges in garter st, center sts in stockinette st, and neck edges in garter st, work for 6 3/4 inches MORE, ending on a wrong side row."

So here is my questions: I can knit the first 50, I got that, but how will I join the second ball of yarn and how do I bind off the next 4sts? I can work the second 50 sts once I get that figured out and I think I get working both sides at once off of 2 different balls but on same needle but what about the 5 sts at bottom, would that be my last 5 sts that I would do as garter? and then it states to do the center sts in stockinette st and the neck edges in garter st but it doesn't say how many sitches for either of those? And I am really one that needs the numbers, no guessing works on my part! LOL

April in SC
Okaaayyyy. There's really no guessing here. The 5 garter stitches at the bottom, are those on each end of the rows (which are the bottom edge of the front and back). You'll see how it looks when you get to that point, just continue on with it. BO the 4 stitches the same way you do at the end of a piece. The center sts in stockinette are all the sts in the row except for the 5 sts on each end which are in garter, and the neck edges which are in a 5 st garter pattern too. As Ingrid said, just *do* it instead of trying to visualize it in your head, and it'll make sense to you by the time you get there. Many knitters overthink a pattern, but if they just follow the directions as they get to each part, it's all written out what they need to do.

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