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Knitting for the future? *DILEMMA*
I am fighting myself on something.

I have a lovely chest (box, not boobs!)and keep feeling the desire to make it into a Hope Chest. I want to knit baby things and heirloom afghans and lace for a future home. The problem is, I am not likely to have children nor a husband. I don't want to go into a lengthy explanation of why I feel that way, but just suffice it to say that it is so.

So here is the dilemma. Do I waste yarn and time on objects that may never see the light of day?

Or do I stifle the urge to knit for things I don't have and keep knitting things for others or menial things for myself?

The one that really kills me is the baby kimono. I REALLY want to knit that one, but have no one to give it to. Still... every time I am at the LYS I caress all the baby yarns and resist the urge to knit one up. Advice?

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