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Re: Knitting for the future? *DILEMMA*
Originally Posted by Chel
...I have a lovely chest (box, not boobs!)
First, I've just gotta say.... ! That was too priceless.

Chel, I did the same thing when I got an antique chest. I've still got several "maybe someday" baby items in it. I enjoyed those knits a lot! I say go for it. And if you ever change your mind about keeping them, give them to someone when the time feels right. No rush!

...and if I ever do decide to have a baby, I KNOW I'm going to spend the entire pregnancy knitting for the little bean, so I refuse to even hear about any superstition to the contrary. :yadda: ...Man, I hate superstitions! 'scuze me while I take my leave before that one enters my psyche....
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