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I work for tech support in dsl. I can't tell you how many people don't protect themselves. I was really scared when I picked up a signal that belonged to a doctor in our area and was linked to his office. Needless to say I called him right away and made him aware (and gave some tips)

On a funnier note, I once had a lady call me, she was all upset because her son couldn't use his wireless laptop all of a sudden. I started asking the usual questions about the account and equipment, when in a stunned tone she was like, "I don't have an account", I think its our landlords that he's using. I politely informed her that this is not good and technically is illegal. Apparently the landlord must have caught on and either changed or added encryption. So in a pretty rude tone, she replys back, well your job is, to supply me with internet and that I should call her landlord and ask for the key...LOL..I replied nicely that I would be happy to do that when she pays for her own service and becomes a customer..LOL...Some people just don't get it.
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