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With 6 people in the house laundry is a huge chore. Because of the humidity here we have to wash and dry everything if it is used that day. Most the time you can use a towel for days, but like this week, it would grow mildew. I love hanging clothes to dry, but not in here. We have to do three loads a day to keep up. I wish I was committed, disciplined, whatever to fold each load as soon as it comes out of the dryer. But I'm not. I usually have four loads that need to be folded.

Doing socks used to be really hard for me. And a friend suggest I pray for whoevers socks (clothes) I'm folding and that has made it much easier to bestow a blessing.

For sheets we hang the sheets on a hanger in the closet in the room that those sheets go in. They dont look perfect, but I can find them. I agree, I have two sheets per bed. I threw the others out. I also color code my sheets, all king size are white, all blue sheets are twin. I have come a long way on laundry, I could go on and on.

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