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That's a good passage Sandy.

This is funny, well I mean good to read. For several months I have wanted to knit so badly in church. I go to church in New York city and also in my small village in upstate NY where my house is. In Manhattan the priests are so outrageous, fantastic I mean, smart and inspiring, you learn so much you don't want to look away for a minute. I love them.

But up here in the mountains they recently got a new priest (a bunch of people didn't like the other new one and booted him out)
and I swear, I need to knit so bad when he's doing his sermon.
He reads it and just drones on and on and is so impersonal. Actually, one sunday it was so beautiful out, the sun the air and I was knitting on the way to church and I couldn't bear to go in and hear him again, it can get depressing in its irritation. So my husband went in and I sat in the car with the windows down and the sun and the trees moving all around and I knit for 45 minutes and I truly felt closer to god than if I was inside.

Having said all that, I'm still feeling awkward to actually knit there. I would only knit during the sermon and I suppose it might look disrespectful but it would make it so much easier to listen to him and his sometimes phony empty stories.

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