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I'm one of the incredibly hyperactive types- always have been. I can't pay attention at all if my hands are busy. I would get nothing out of a sermon if I didn't keep busy. I can knit while I read, sing, or do anything else (a normal evening is knitting while reading AND watching TV) and it helps me to focus.

I'm also always knitting for others- mostly baby blankets and now sweaters. I'm putting my thoughts and prayers and love for the person into every stitch- and often the sermon helps me to remember why I'm sitting there putting so much time and effort into a project.

I grew up in a very conservative church, and they never approved of me doing anything during the sermon. Of course, this is the same church that practically disowned me when I was accepted into engineering school, since that is not "proper" for a woman to do. The only place a woman belonged (according to them) was the kitchen and the nursery. I couldn't even ask questions in Sunday School- it wasn't proper for a female to question a man's teaching. I think I crocheted at that point just to get back at them... it was a "proper" task, they just didn't like it during the sermon.

I figure God would not have given me the talent for making things if he didn't mean for it to be used for good. Every time I see the smile on the face of an expectant mother or someone receiving one of my sweaters- I know I've done the right thing. I made someone know that they are loved, and every time they see what has been made for them, they will be reminded.

Sorry for a long post I just love what I do, and I'll never stop just because I face a little disapproval from some of the more traditional church members.

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