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strap for a shoulder bag
I'm making a felted shoulder bag. I'm at the point where I'm starting the straps. ( These straps are connected directly to the body of the bag).
I have 7 stitches on my double pointed needle.

The directions say: " K4, yarn forward, slip 3 purlwise. After you have knit a few inches, you will find you have 1 center garter stitch with a 3 st I-cord on either side."

I followed the directions. I knitted about 3 inches. It looks like a garbled mess. I did a booga bag with the 5 stitch I-cord, and it worked beautifully. When I slipped the last 3 stitches purlwise, my yarn is in the front of the needle. I wrap the yarn around back, slide the work to the other side of the dpn without turning, and k4, yf, slip 3 purlwise. It seems that the only stithes that I ever knit is the first 4, and the slipped purlwise gets wrapped around to the back. to where I start knitting those first 4 stitches again. Is this right, or What am I doing wrong? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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