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Quite OT - depressed venting
Life has just been so overwhelming lately. This past year has just been so draining on my emotionally because the finances with my DH and me have been so tough. We owned seperate house before we met, so we are still currently paying 2 mortgages. I had mine up for sale, but not one person called to do a walk through... so now we are hoping to try and rent it out. It is such a weight on our shoulders. Not to mention all the other bills we have. Currently I'm over $800+ overdue on my credit card which I haven't touched in a year. Oh, and last week I discovered his home's property taxes were never included in his mortgage so we are past due on that.

The biggest blow came a month ago when my husband lost his job. To be honest he was the bread winner in our household.

I'm so stressed out and depressed. I have terrible mood swings as a result of having BPD, so this makes it all worse. I really just wish we could fast forward maybe 6 months into the future and have everything be ok...

I just really needed to get somethings out. Thanks to those who read all that!

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