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At both places where I live, they say that you can return balls that still have their ball bands intact and they cannot smell of smoke. One place in particular when helping customers lets them know you can return unused yarn when encouraging a person to make sure they purchase enough of the dye lot for a project. I haven't had any issues, but I haven't hat to retun any yet But, they also are adamant that there are no returns on needles or patterns no matter what. they post this very clearly so there's really no disputes. They just caution people that say "I think I need this size but I'm not sure..." because even if you find you bought a dup pattern or needles, they can't be sure that you're not copying the pattern or using the needle and taking it back.. It's only fair really. I hate it that some places have to be so rude. I hear about that sometimes...some places sort of treat the new knitters that have come around with the recent surge the last few years as if they were second class citizens...and bad reviews from customers is not what they should be causing!!!

P.S. always a good idea to check this policy before you buy!!!! just to save the heartache of being treated badly...
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