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Sloppy wrong side on "my so called scarf"
This post's Swedish word/phrase: "Jag vill sticka en snygg halsduk till min kompis" = "I want to knit a great looking scarf for my friend"


I've decided to make my friend a scarf. I casted on for a "my so called scarf" and knit a couple of rows. I liked the way the RS looked but found the WS to look sloppy... I frogged and started over. And the same thing happened... The WS looked sloppy...

I think it's the slipped stitches from the RS that kind of "bump" out from the surface and sort of hang like little loops instead of being tucked close to the surface. Did that make sense to anyone? Wish I had been able to take pictures...

Anyone else had this problem with "my so called scarf" or have any ideas on how to prevent a sloppy looking WS?
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