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Pattern ?: how to cast on at the beginning of row 2?
Hello everyone.... I'm a newbie to this forum and have a limited amount of knitting experience. But I'm stumpped on a reading a pattern and was wondering if anyone could tell me exactly how to do this.

The pattern is for some knitted flowers that will be felted. The first step is to cast on 16 sts. Then row 1 is just k1p1 for all the 16 stitches.

Here comes the part I don't understand on row 2. It says to cast on 16 sts at beg of row, *k1p1;rep from * across - 32 sts. So when row 2 is done. There should be 32 stitches on the needle. The pattern kind of continues like this and by the time you get to row 6 there will be a total of 96 sts.

I have no clue how to cast on additional stitches after making the initial cast on. I first thought that I should use double pointed needles and just take the short end of the original cast on string and use it to cast on the stitches but some how I don't think this is right since there will be a total of 96 stitches by row 6.

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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