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I definitely agree with you about using the big needles. I love knitting on big needles because I love knitting blankets and they go SO much faster on larger needles! That's great you know what you like already, because I've been knitting about 7 months and I think I just figured my big needle preference out about a month ago.

I do love worsted weight yarn though, because other than cotton, it seems to be about the only yarn I can find in huge, 1 pound balls, and I love huge balls of yarn, LOL. But since I love big needles too, I often use 2 strands of worsted together, usually on size 15 needles, and I love the way this turns out! Took me a little while to get the hang of it (I had to be really careful to make sure I knitted BOTH strands for each stitch!) but I'm glad I did, because now I have many uses for these thousands of types of worsted yarn that seem to be all over the place.
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