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dustinac ... I scanned my pattern to a word readable document . I changed it from 2 colums to one and went through and corrected the things that didn't "translate" like ! for 1 ... there were only a few. After that, I went through and deleted the sizes that did not belong to the size I needed. I also deleted rows and instructions that I did not need and when it said "repeat row bla bla" I copied and pasted that row.... my pretty pink post it's can just go down line by line without having to re-find my place .. not to mention the LARGER SIZE font and white paper . The first time I had to refer to some of the insturctions on the original pattern but once I could "see" the knitting , my "cheat sheet" makes easy.

If anyone is still "scared" ... this pattern is very easy to follow, uses "normal" stitches and gives you a row count very often... if you are off by one stitch you can m1 or k2tog and it won't mess your clog up ... I um... did that a couple of times ! AND ... it is SO amazing how it turns out knitted ... and even more magic when you felt it. I am in awe of the pattern author !!!!

I guess I should get the camera out and take pix ... so y'all will know I really made them

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