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I won a auction late this afternoon on ebay for some Lavish Fine 100% Alpaca yarn, from Interamerica. I got the Mixed Shades, which is a blend of chestnut, brown, cream, and tan. It is supposed to be all natural, no dyes, and hypo-allergenic. I can't wait for it to get here so I can start playing with it. The auction was for 10, 50 gm balls, so I'm going to have enough to knit another shawl, yeehaw. I sure hope it is as hypo-allergenic as they are claiming. The last item I bought something claiming that was a down pillow, supposedly safe for people sensitive to down. Yeah right, I didn't even make it through 1 night, actually it was less than an hour before my eyes started puffing up and itching like crazy, along with the rest of my usual symptoms that hit me when in close contact to poultry feathers of any type! Oh well, thank heaven for the advent of the down-alternative products, they make it possible for me to still have a comfortable, fluffy bed all winter. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, and will post my personal findings as soon as possible.
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