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What kind of yarn does one choose?
I just wrote a whole post with some very important questions...(;~}} and I turned around (something on TV caught my attention, and needless to say, the whole post is gone.

so, now that my creative juices are sapped, I'll make a quick synopsis...
How does one choose a yarn, and can someone tell me what to look for to make a decision? what yarns are breathable? Are some much more likely to seperate while I knit? What textures are easier to work with? should I limit myself to the specifics in the written directions. (I would probably not be happy with that). I have been reading the posts and hear the emotions that others express about the materials they is amazing to me.

I learned to knit from my mother about 100 years ago. the choices she gave me were worsted or not worsted, real wool or synthetic, baby yarn, or maybe a "bulky" type. so now, when I began to knit again after very many years, I'm at a loss.

See the problem?

Vivian, the knittian

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Vivian the Knittian
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