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Anyone else having problems with Knitpicks Sierra?
Hi all,

I'm using this to make the Rick Rack purse for my niece for Christmas and from the moment I started knitting with it, I began having strange reactions to it. I'm not sure if its because it kinda "sheds" as I knit but when I touch it and work with it my skin begins to itch - not unbearably, but enough to notice, and my nose burns and my eyes start to hurt a bit. I really want to finish this (I'm now just past the eyelet part) for my niece as it would be a first time felting project for me and I think she would love it! In order to do the last few rows just now I had to cover part of my face from the nose down and that helped alot.

Anyone else knit with it and experienced this or something similar? This is the first time I'm ever using it.


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