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Hooray for Watchmen! <3 I love Alan Moore.

My username comes from when I was 14...I was obsessed with "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe, and memorized it on my own. And my initials are "CAW," the sound a raven or crow makes. So it's caw the raven, which was too long for AOL at the time, like "Quoth the Raven." I was an oh-so-clever 14 year old.

My other handles...First ever name was "Didi1983" for my stuffed bear, Didi, and the year I was born...that would've been...oh, 94? We got rid of AOL and then got it again when I was 13, and I pickd Lazer1983, because I liked the way it sounded, but I funkified the spelling. Everyone always thought I was a boy. I used to use "Carai Aan" which was a character name for my online roleplaying game based on Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series, but that wasn't for long.

Started using "EvilBloodyDeath" when I was a junior. My friend used to draw cartoons at lunch based on the album artwork from Radiohead's Kid A--freaky little bears. The "star" was Map--based on our friend Pam--but other characters were The Tyrant Despot and the Industrially Friendly Reaper. I got Evil Bloody Death, which was just too wonderful a name to say no to. I use it almost everywhere but didn't think it would go over so well.

Myspace I use "X-tine"--like X-mas!--and ebay I'm "nofruitsharmed" because my friend was talking about a juice that had less than 1% real fruit juice. My livejournal (also cawthraven) used to be titled "Made from Concentrate: No Fruits Harmed in the Making of this Juice" with friends page as "Less than 1% Real Fruit Juice." Now it's from a Harvey Danger song.

Facebook and gmail are my real name.
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