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um mine is sort of an evolved name, when I first started using the net I chose the name The Witch Of Oz becuase I am Wiccan, I am from Australia (Oz) and I love the movie THe Wizard of Oz. When I had Shannon (my eldest) I changed it to Shannons Mummy but missed the witchyness so then it changed to Shannons Witchy Mama, then I had Rohan and I thoughg that Shannon and Rohans Witchy Mama was just to long so it got shortened to Witchy Mama, that is my only screen name now (appart from my IM's which are all Shannons Mummy and my Deviant Art account which is Shannons Witchy Mama)

working on
scarf [done]
booties [done]
baby sweater [stitching up]
pompom papoose [knitting]
bed socks [done]
scarf [sewing in ends]
pixie hat [done]
scarf [knitting]
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