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Repair hole in felted purse/re-felt?
I have knitted and felted a couple of bags with great success, but the most recent one really surprised me. I usually set up the blocking on my workbench in the garage, since it takes a couple of days to really dry out. For the first time, when I removed the bag from the form, there was a small hole in the side of the bag! Apparently something ate it, since it was not there when I first formed it on the block. My question is this ... can I felt another piece and neatly fuse it in somehow? The yarn is rather expensive and it is a lovely color, so I really want to save this if I can. Also, I noted that the bottom is not quite as fully felted as usual, and the sides could tolerate being felted a little more. Can I re-felt? I don't want to ruin it if it is salvagable.

I have seen "felting needles" that sound like they are used to "fuse" yarns into felted material. Could that be a solution?

Thanks for any guidance!
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