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Grafting the Toe
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Sleeves: cast on 40(44) sts, work 1 return row in rib patt, then work basic patt as foll: edge st, K12 (14), 14 sts cable patt foll chart, K12 (14), edge st. Sleeve shaping: inc 1 st on every 12th row 5 times (1 st on every 10th row 6 times) = 50 (56) sts, then inc 1st on 6th row once, 1 st on every 4th row twice (once), then on every other row 1 st 3 times, 5 sts twice and 40 (38) sts once = 162 sts. Over these 162 sts cont until work measures 22" - 55 cm = 110 rows, then divide work at center for neck and finish each side separately over 81 sts each, working cable sts without crossing. After 11 7/8" - 30 cm from beginning of neck or total length 33 3/8" - 85 cm cont again over all 162 sts, starting crossing at the same height as at the end before neck shaping. After a width of sweater of 20 1/2 (22)" - 52 (56)cm or total length of 37 3/4 (38)" - 96 (98)cm start dec. Work dec in reverse to inc = start with binding off 40 (38) sts once. When work measures 55 1/8" - 140 cm end sleeve with 1 row in rib patt.

Okay that is the section of the pattern i think you are on. It looks to me like it is just telling you how many stitches you need to increase but not telling you where. I THINK you are supposed to just space the increases evenly.
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