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where to increase (w/link to patt)
Here's a link to the patt in question:

Julie, as I said, if I had done that first set of increases the way you suggest, I would end up with 45 sts, while the patt says you should have 50 sts. Thus, I assumed that the inc should be at EACH END of the rows.

The section that's really troubling me says
"...then on every other row 1 st 3 times, 5 sts twice and 40/38 sts once = 162 sts."

Should those 5 and 40-st increases be done at the end of rows or evenly across as Brendajos suggests? As I said, I have been doing the increases at each end of rows; but the idea of doing 5 sts and then 40 (!) sts at each end of a row was what I could not understand. I have never seen instructions to do more than one or two inc sts at the end of rows.

I am truly stuck here...
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