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You know what else I noticed when I was a new knitter? Unlike you, I kept frogging and starting again when things were imperfect (i.e., constantly). But that just made it worse because my yarn just got kinkier and rattier so my stitches just got more and more uneven. Now I know better so when I do frog and my yarn is kinky, I wet it and straighten it out. I noticed that it doesn't matter with some yarns, but there are a few where it really makes a difference. So new knitters, listen to GennyLynn's advice and just keep going. You'll be impressed with your improvement along the way too, I'm sure.

There is no right way to knit; there is no wrong way to knit. So if anybody kindly tells you that what you are doing is "wrong," don't take umbrage; they mean well. Smile submissively, and listen, keeping your disagreement on an entirely mental level. They may be right, in this particular case, and even if not, they may drop off pieces of information which will come in very handy if you file them away carefully in your brain for future reference. ~Elizabeth Zimmerman
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