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That's very cool about your aunt! My son would just eat it up if I had him teach me something...he thinks I'm such a dinosaur! It's so weird to hear him getting into stuff that I listened to as a teenager or as a twenty-something because it's all "new" to him, and I never in a million years I'd thought I'd hear one of my kids jamming out to stuff I liked! Anyway, it was too humiliating to me when my kids were in the backseat of our truck while my husband taught me to drive stick shift a little while back (I did horribly for a while there!) so I'm not sure I'm ready to be a complete flop at music while one of my kids threw up their hands in desperation at my hopelessness! Music runs in my family, but for me...I don't know.

As for my nosy questions ...well, I can say to blame it on the fact I wanted to be a journalist/writer growing up! I always have to know the "behind the scenes" stuff!

About knitting being frustrating when I first tried (I've only been knitting 2 years now), oh my gosh--I thought I'd knit squares and rectangles forever!!! When the knitting instructor showed us increases and decreases during the last class, I was TOTALLY confused--almost to tears!--and I defiantly thought, "Well, I'm not going to worry about those--I just won't knit anything that requires increases or decreases". Well, gee, that just about eliminates everything, doesn't it??? See how my brain goes!!! For me, knitting is about the finished product, but also, it's about productivity and portability. I can take my knitting with me from room to room--something I can't do with my sewing machine--and I can stay busy during times when I might ordinarily be slacking off doing absolutely nothing otherwise, so I don't feel guilty about sitting too much because at least I'm keeping busy. Is it this way with knitters and crocheters--it's just as much about the process of knitting and the rhythym as it is about the finished project?
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