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Oh Chel, you should try it! If you have the desire to play, you should try. About the instructors...good instructors are hard to come by. :( The place we used to live where my son started guitar, we had an AWESOME instructor. My son is very shy by nature (until he gets to know you, then look out!!!) and I know would never play in front of anyone, but his instructor not only gave him a GREAT start, but he also pulled him out of his shell and gave him confidence, as well as teaching him on his level and teaching him well.

Are there places on the internet that maybe show little video clips of chords and things (kind of the guitar version of Maybe you can spend a few minutes just fooling around on it a little while each day to familiarize yourself with your guitar, maybe you might not feel as intimidated to begin? And I don't mean to ask a dumb question (I don't know anything about guitar playing), but can't you play lefty? There must be some lefty guitar players out there. Don't worry about how you sound. The beginning stage doesn't last forever. When my son first learned to play guitar, the first three songs he learned were Metallica's "Sandman", AC/DC's "TNT", and Deep Purple's "Smoke on the Water". I can't tell you how many times I heard these songs played! The first one he learned was "Sandman", and at first, he was a little shaky, but I remembered thinking, "Wow! He's actually playing a song!!!!! (Which is more than I could ever do on a guitar!)" I was so proud of him and impressed that he could put everything he had learned together to play a song, even if it had some mistakes in it.

Playing a musical instrument was one of my childhood dreams, and I never got the opportunity. Anytime I hear anybody that plays an instrument, I think it's so great, and anytime I hear of somebody that wants to, I cheer them on. Follow your dreams!!!
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