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There are countless sites on the internet devoted to guitar instruction, and most DO have videos/chord charts. I cannot recommend one or speak on their quality, however, because I never spent much time with 'em. I learned from some old books my mom had laying around. he he... there really are many routes leading to learning guitar. Just search around.

I would, however, recommend a subscription to a guitar magazine such as Guitar One. They have lessons in print each month, and you can use what you've learned to play the songs they've transcribed in the back. Of course, it took a couple years before I could make those songs sound like they're supposed to, and my friends made fun of my playing during those years, but you eventually end up being like that kid in the kung fu movies who gets bullied all the time while he's learning from a great master. When the time comes, you'll be able to avenge your father's wrongful death, and the main badguy mob-boss will be one of those kids who was making fun of you.

As far as being lefthanded, most lefties I know play guitar right handed anyway, because it's apparently just as awkward starting off either way. May as well learn to play righty, as 99.99exaggerated% of guitars are right-handed.
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