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I have a tiny confession....
The other day I had a certificate for some free yarn after I turned in my full SABLE card. I had been coveting the Misti Alpaca chunky my LYS had by the front door every time I went in there so I decided to get a few hanks to make a supah yummy scarf. So tonight I started making it even though i wasn't done with my beautiful Malabrigo scarf. I just wanted to play with it...I know you know!

So I knit with it for a while while i watched TV, surfed, ate dinner, etc. I finally just decided it was time to start heading to bed but i felt the need to pick up the malabrigo to knit a few rows before heading off.

I don't love it neeeeeeeeearly as much as the Misti Alpaca now!

how is that possible?!!?!

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