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I have tried Dancing and Simple Stripes and liked both very much, found no major problems. I purchased the KP dpn in sock sizes even though I love my brittanys. I was having some problems with k2tog and ssk in a lace sock pattern with the woodens dpns so I gave the Options a try. They are very pointy and pick up those stitches very easily. The smaller size (1) doesn't bend as much. I'm always a little afraid of snapping the birches. However the pointy tip sometimes hurts my finger when I push the tip back when I'm knitting (apparently something I do unconsciously).

I did have problems CO and the first row or 2 with them dropping out, but I simply CO with my birches and switch to the Options after completing a couple of rounds. Once I'm started, the needles don't fall out. I don't know why.

I vote in favor of yarns and the needles.
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