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At first I really like the knitpicks DPNs, my mom on the other hand doesn't. The biggest difference is that I knit tighter than she does.

The only reason I say "at first" is because after using it for a couple patterns the coating started to 'tarnish' (so to speak) and stopped being so quick and wonderfully smooth. This is probably just a PH thing with my skin . I have heard of other people with a similar problem, but it seems these are few and far between. I'd still ike to see if there's a way to restore the finish without removing too much of the coating or using harsh chemicals.

If it hadn't been for my problems with the finish and the fact that I'm not comfortable using such sharp pointy little needles in the car, they would probably be my favorite DPN needle! The tips are SUPER sharp so great for lacework! Once I got used to how slick they were I could knit really fast on them! (except now the finish is a little grabby )

They're pretty inexpensive as far as DPNs go, so I would give it a shot, order a set of 1s (2.5mm - my favorite sock size!) or 2s (my other prefered sock size) and see how you like them! Chances are you won't have the problem I did with the finish.

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