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Help with reading Pattern
I am a beginner. Working on 1 peice knitted sweater and habing problems reading the front nech shaping of pattern. The schematic shows 7 decreases. Here are the instructions as written:
On next RS row, work to marker. Remove. With a second ball of yarn, bind off 1 st. Complete row.
WS: work to 2 sts before front neck edge, dec 1. (repeat on all wrong side rows to *
RS: At neck edge, bind off 1 st.
RS: At neck edge, bind off 2 sts.
7 rws are complete*
Are bind offs counted as decreases? If so, should I repeat this pattern until I have completed 7 rows?
Would it be:
1. WS dec 1
2. RS bind 1
3. WS dec 1
4. RS bind 2
5. WS dec 1
6. RS bind 1 (this adds to 7 decreases here)
7. ????
It then rquires to reverse for right neck shaping.
I just can't figure this out!
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