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On next RS row, work to marker. Remove. With a second ball of yarn, bind off 1 st. Complete row.
WS: work to 2 sts before front neck edge, dec 1. (repeat on all wrong side rows to *
RS: At neck edge, bind off 1 st.
RS: At neck edge, bind off 2 sts.
7 rws are complete*

You have your decreases starting on a WS row, but your instructions start with a RS row. Am I missing something? This is how I interpret the instructions:

row 1- RS - bind off = 1 dec
row 2 - WS - dec 1 = 1 dec
row 3 - RS - bind off = 1 dec
row 4 - WS - dec 1 -= 1 dec
row 5 - RS - bind off 2 = 2 dec
row 6 - WS - dec 1 = 1 dec.

This gets you your 7 decreases, but I don't know where they get the 7 rows, either.

Is there a link to the pattern?

I think what I would do is follow the dec directions on the one side and just do the same on the other side so they'll be equal. You can work one row even after the decrease rows to get up to 7 rows. I don't think it'll make any difference.
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